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FHLB (Affordable Housing Program)

The AHP is a competitive grant program created by Congress in the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 and began operations in 1990 and designed to address local housing needs. It is administered regionally by each FHLBank, working through its financial institution members and those members’ community-based partners. The AHP allows for funds to be used in combination with other programs and to support projects serving a wide range of community affordable housing needs, including Multifamily housing for a variety of populations - general, elderly, supportive housing and homelessness.  


In each funding round, grant applications are scored on a variety of factors intended to ensure that priority will be given to projects that will utilize the funding to create the greatest benefit. Each FHLBank designs its own competitive program, guided by federal regulatory parameters and input from its respective Advisory Council.

Using our creativity to maneuver through structured programs, we create hybrids by taking what is already established and forming something new. Unique formulations of funding streams that are specially combined for our individual needs of our clients.

Prescribed Consulting for Affordable Housing Development

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