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Housing Lab provides multi-family housing development services to a range of clients varying from small development groups just getting started in the affordable housing industry to seasoned and very successful development companies. Dependent upon the level of experience of the client, services are tailored to meet needs and desired outcome. Our approach when working with a client is to carefully customize our services to ensure the success of our clients and their real estate developments. We offer comprehensive real estate development services from site selection to post-award activities. 


Our site selection services are top notch. We combine the efficiency of technology and our commercial real estate knowledge and expertise in order to identify award winning sites.  Housing Lab has developed a Geographical Information System (GIS) tool called the "Viewer”. This tool was created to optimize the site selection process when choosing sites for proposed developments under the Housing Tax Credit program. Multiple sets of data, prescribed by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP). The tool allows us to visually detect the best site for a development. While the viewer does not automate all aspects of the site selection criteria and process, it provides a very efficient starting point. Once sites have been identified, we put our commercial real estate knowledge and expertise to work in order to secure the site and ensure the correct zoning is in place and/or entitlements are obtained. 


Our TDHCA Low Income Housing Tax Credit application services can be customized to be comprehensive or tailored to fit our client’s specific needs and work with existing staff and third party service providers. We fully embrace technology and keep all client files in a cloud environment. This transparency allows our clients to have access to all of their files and application materials at all times. 


The affordable housing industry is a very specialized industry and requires specific knowledge and expertise. All aspects of the industry require such knowledge. We can provide financial structuring services and relationship building introductions to banking institutions and Low Income Housing Tax Credit syndicators that provide debt and equity products for affordable housing. Additionally, we provide assistance in identifying experienced and knowledgable attorneys, architects, engineering firms, accounting firms, environmental consultants and management companies. Every team member must be experienced in the low income housing industry in order for a development and our clients to be successful. 


The complexity of the affordable housing industry can be daunting at times, especially when an asset is not performing as projected or anticipated. We offer comprehensive financial work out services for distressed assets and stressed out owners. Our experience with large portfolios of Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties allows us to have a broad perspective on the numerous ways a transaction can be structured and restricted. If you have found yourself with an asset that is not performing, let us help you fix the problem, or divest of the asset. 

Prescribed Consulting for Affordable Housing Development

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