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We're resourceful, experienced, creative problem solvers in affordable housing and financing. With a specialty in the Housing Tax Credit program and other state and federal funding sources, we guide our clients through the process in Texas while mitigating the bureaucracy. One of our proprietary GIS "viewer" mapping system facilitates the site selection process and structure a successful real estate transaction. 

Our methodology

is formulaic, established by the guidelines of the industry and our process is organic, influenced by the individual needs of our clients.



BETCO has developed a one-of-a-kind, user-friendly geospatial tool that streamlines the site selection process.  This tool is referred to as the “BETCO Viewer”. Our system is easy to use and contains multiple layers of data that appear on the maps automatically and are easily customized for specific items to show to reflect the client's requests and housing needs. The BETCO Viewer is complete with all required data, as prescribed by the state allocating agency, which allows us to identify potential sites for development in a quick and efficient manner.

Prescribed Consulting for Affordable Housing Development

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