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Development Consultant

Andrea is a Development Consultant with BETCO Housing Lab, and is a licensed CPA that began working in affordable housing in 2015 for Novogradac and Company LLP. Andrea established a proven track record of multitasking a $1,000,0000 book of business accurately and efficiently, while meeting client, investor and agency deadlines.  She gained extensive experience in real estate financial statement audits, federal and state tax returns, post award activity reporting including 10% tests, final cost certifications, various bond reporting, bona fide debt analysis, debt service coverage calculations, and other various investor required reporting for credit delivery and equity adjustments. In addition to her accounting background, Andrea is highly focused on client service, teamwork, and knowledge sharing. No task is too big or small.


Andrea is a licensed CPA in the State of Texas and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Texas State University. She is a born and raised Austinite with a love of live music, Tex-Mex, and our beautiful “violet crown” sunsets. When she’s not in the office, she has her hands full wrangling her sassy daughter and three dogs.


In her role with BETCO, Andrea is eager to assist developers in the Housing Tax Credit program by bringing her knowledge of post award activities, and to expand into the application cycle with site selection, financial modeling, application assistance and general support as needed throughout the process.

“Be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Reason: Rarely does everything go according to plan, and you have to be able to keep a clear head in order to pivot and refocus. You can’t let life’s obstacles distract you from your goals or beat you down. Just know to expect that things aren’t always going to go smoothly, and it helps the inevitable hurtles become a little easier to navigate.


Prescribed Consulting for Affordable Housing Development

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